Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Blues Beater: Inter-Species Mingling

Monday Blues Beater

What can bring a smile to your face on a Monday morning quicker than sweet furball pictures?

Anyone who knows me personally would know that I'm just crazy over animals - sometimes I can even prefer them to some humans! ... depending on the human of course :)

And I just love friendly inter-species mingling...

For instance, read here for a story from Mail Online about a brave baby rat who decided to steal a leopard's lunch... and got away with it! Lucky little rat!

Sheena the Leopard puzzled over the nerve of rhodent-like creature nibbling on her lunch.

She goes in for a closer sniff and Baby Rat is irritated about being interrupted from eating his feast that clearly was meant for him and not this feline-like creature.

So determined Baby Rat decides finishing his lunch is more important then worrying about sharing with the giant carnivorous feline waiting in line for her turn.

According to the Mail Online, "...after another tentative investigation, Sheena gave the leopard- equivalent of a shrug and turned away." And Baby Rat was left unharmed, with his belly full :)

Some more inter-species mingling... I can't help myself! Just too cute!

Meet Suryia and Roscoe: They are the best of buds :)

They swim together...

They chill on the deck together...

They laugh together...

And they cuddle together...

Via Animal Talk

And finally, meet Christian the Lion. Every time I see this clip it brings tears to my eyes - so heart warming. You may have already seen it as it has been featured on many news shows and even The View and Oprah.

Christian the lion was raised by two men in their London flat until he became too big to care for. They reintegrated him into the wild in Africa and he became the leader of his own pride. This is what happened when they went looking for him one year later:

Isn't it so incredibly beautiful that he would remember them and be so excited to see his family again? You can read the full story here from the Daily Mail and if you think it may be a hoax you can see on Snopes that it is indeed a true story :)


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