Monday, September 21, 2009

Daydream: A cozy home library

As I've mentioned before here, I am determined to someday have a house with a whole room dedicated to being a home library. It will be stacked full of beautiful, delicious books with floor to ceiling shelves and big comfy chairs to curl up in. There will be a bay window with plush cushions to sit on. There will also be a roaring fireplace for the chilly months. I will spend hours upon hours surrounded by pages containing adventure, love, mystery, beauty, and knowledge.

This is my daydream...

What would you do to have a library like this in your home? What would you do to have a home big enough to fit a library like this?!

I love how these 2-storey shelves draw the eye all the way up to the ceiling.

I LOVE this room - it's so bright and airy. I could read in here all day long...

An attic loft is a great space to have a library - Attics have an aura of mystery and adventure just like within pages of these books.

Someday I will need a ladder to reach the very top shelves of my library as well ;)

On second thought, forget the ladder! I want a circular staircase!

Gorgeous built-ins!

This is definitely my favourite! So cozy and eclectic! I'm sure it has a big bay window somewhere and a fireplace too ;)

Such a beautiful reading nook!

How fun is this?! A tee-peed reading nook!

I really like how they opened up this closet space to make room for shelves.

I thought this shelving idea was interesting. It's made from a bunch of tables stacked on top of each other.

A funky idea for the DIYer!

This is a staircase made of bookshelves! How cool is this?!

I like these diagonal shelves. They would be great in a modern room or mixed in with traditional shelves for a more eclectic look.

This is creative! Would be great in a school library or in a household with children.

Ahh... to dream... Someday it will be mine! LOL
And apparently I'm not the only one who would love a home library. According to the Telegraph there are more people who want libraries in their home than cinemas, gyms, or music studios!

For all of you Book, Library, and Sex and the City fans out there I just had to end this post with the famous scene between Carrie and Big from the SATC movie:

Carrie slides over and nestles in, leaning up against him. She opens her book.
He looks down at it.

BIG: Are you the last person in New York still taking out library books?
CARRIE: I love the smell.
She smells the book, then holds it up to him. He smells.
BIG: That's an old one!


Images via: It's Rather Bipolar, Cote de Texas, Domino, ElmoFromOK, Eva Designs, Remodeling Center, Bookshelf, The Reader Online


  1. This is my favourite post yet. I want a library with a little ladder that slides back and forth and comfy couches and coffee tables. Something beautiful but comfortable.

  2. A library would definitely be the perfect room.
    You`ve chosen as your favorites, a toss up as to which one I myself would love to have.
    I think the first, in a flat or brownstone or cottage and the other in a huge interesting old house.


  3. Those pictures are great, you must be spoil for choice of books to read.


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