Friday, September 18, 2009

Everything Vintage: Retro Vogue

Vintage Friday!

Apologies for this morning's post running a little late - I was at the U2 concert lastnight!!!

I found this very cool blog, Vintage Fashion Magazines, when searching for Vintage Friday images. She is a collector of vintage Vogue and has scanned and posted pages from the 60's up to the early 80's editions. Unfortunately she had to sell her collection so she won't be adding any more but take a look anyway - there are still some really great images to browse through.

The very famous Twiggy on the April, 1967 cover of Vogue. And Twiggy today.

The beautiful Lauren Hutton on the June, 1968 cover of Vogue. And Lauren today. Those big blue eyes are still the same!

A few Vogue covers from 1965.

The 3rd cover model of each row is Veruschka, one of the top models of the time.
She had quite an interesting childhood - she was the daughter of an extremely wealthy
German Count and Countess. Her father became part of the German Resistance and
was assassinated for plotting to kill Hitler! After that her family spent time in labour
camps and were homeless by the end of the war. She was discovered at the age of 20 in
Florence and became a full time model.

More Veruschka - she was absolutely breathtaking...
1966 and 1967

This is Veruschka today.

"Night Drifts - The Unbelted Dress" - 1966
Love them! The hair and makeup are beautiful as well.

I couldn't leave out the 80's since we are seeing styles much like these again in today's fashion magazines.

Isabella Rossellini - 1982
Look at that hair!

The 80's empowered corporate women in Oscar de La Renta and Abe Schrader

Iman in Calvin Klein, 1982
A severe silhouette prominently seen in the Fall 2009 trends.

Happy Vintage Friday!

All vintage Vogue images via Vintage Fashion Magazines


  1. Be sure to come by tonight around 9pm (Eastern time) for the announcement so you don't miss out. I promise-it good-really really good.
    Its So Very Cheri

  2. Dear Isn't It Just So Darling,

    I plan on writing a 4th year Research Paper on Twiggy and the rise of Louis Vuitton's Papillion. I know she was the model for this handbag in Vogue 1967, so I was wondering if you happened to come across this advertisement when you browsed through Vintage Fashion Magazines blog, and if there's a big resolution of this advertisement? because the Vintage Fashion Magazines link doesn't work :(

    Sounds like a very big request... but if you can get let me know, I'll really appreciate it!



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