Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Images of Queen W, Toronto

All-Things-Creative Wednesday

I am very proud to live in the beautiful city of Toronto.

Queen St. West has been my neighbourhood since moving here (besides the short stint I had in Little Italy). And in my (biased) opinion, Queen West is the BEST neighbourhood in the city. It is colourful, cultured, and eclectic. Living in it is a mix of artists, young professionals, and eccentrics. It has art galleries galore, shops, restaurants, cafes and bars - there is something here for everyone.

Every day spent in Queen West is an adventure... for you never know what you will see or who you will encounter :)

Window Garden, Queen Street West

by Lu



The Litter Guy is Awesome
by Kevin Steele


by Martin Pinker

Queen West Alley

by Redroom Studios

Queen Street West

Queen Street

by RebootYourComputer

Morning @ Queen Street West

Liberte, egalite, fraternite

Hyperfocal in the Laundromat

by mariana islands


City TV (Breakthrough)
by rpeschetz

Cadillac Lounge
by Spotmaticfanatic

Back Alley
by Marty Pinker

Almost Closing Time

In the early hours of February 20, 2008 a devastating 6 alarm blaze broke out along Queen St W; burning down a full block of much-loved homes, restaurants, and shops located in heritage buildings. A piece of Toronto history was lost that day...
by aardvark

Queen StW Blaze

by tsaiware


by Aubrey Arenas

Water Works at Queen West Fire

by Kevin Steele

Queen Street Fire

by Mute*

The Queen Street Fire (aftermath)

by Aubrey Arenas

Today just a burned out gap between buildings is left behind...

Queen Street Wreckage

by Anthony Van Pham

All images via the Flickr accounts of the cited photographer. I encourage you to stop by their photostreams to view the other beautiful images they've captured from around Toronto and elsewhere.


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