Thursday, December 1, 2011

Country Dream Home - Kitchen/Keeping Room Decor Inspiration

I've been scouring decor magazines and the internet for inspiration about how I'm going to decorate my home when that time comes.  I have to apologize, however, because when doing this it wasn't in my mind that I would actually post any of them - so unfortunately I don't know many of the sources for which I took these pictures from.

This is my kitchen inspiration.  I want a beautiful white, cozy kitchen.  I love that there are 2 islands - one for cooking and prepping and the other for communing around and having tea :)  I definitely want
subway tiling as well.  I would have less contemporary chairs around the island though and I am
thinking about having industrial light fixtures over the larger island and pots and pans over the smaller island.  I like the idea of mixing industrial, glam, and country together (the "glam" will be explained in
 the keeping room below).  There will be lots of storage built into the islands as well as the microwave
 (out of sight).  I definitely need a spot to store wine as well :)
I feel like it was fate that I came across this image because if you look out the window to the left (and
see the door to the left) it looks as if it could lead to the mudroom and family room I plan to have built
 on the back of the house!

This is the inspiration for my Keeping Room/Eat-in-Kitchen.  This image caught my eye because of the beautiful harvest table and french doors leading to the walk-out patio.  Exactly what I want - again I feel as if it were fate! I love the white chairs in contrast with the wooden table.  The only change I would want is a table that can seat 12 instead of 8 in order to accomodate large family dinners and dinner parties with friends.  I would also switch out the contempory light fixtures with a couple of glam chandeliers.  At the far end (where you see the chalkboard and family room) I will have a large wood-buring fireplace. I do like the idea of incorporating a chalkboard wall or area into the kitchen/keeping room though. To the right will be large sliding barn doors (or possibly indonesian) that will open onto the Great Room - see an example below :) 

Inspiration for the sliding doors that will separate the Keeping Room and the Great Room.

I love this decal's message.  It is the essence of what I want our family home to be encompass. If I don't dedicate a space in the kitchen/keeping room to chalkboard paint then I would love a decal like this. Maybe I could just write this out in chalk!

What do you think about my eat-in-kitchen inspiration?
Is there anyone who has done a kitchen remodel that could give me any tips? Any must-have's or elements you wish you had included?


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