Thursday, September 17, 2009

Soup's Up!

In keeping with the "soup" theme I've had going the past couple of Tasty Thursdays, here are some delicious looking soups from the Jamie Oliver site.

There's nothing better than a nice hot soup on a chilly evening... Can you tell I'm getting into the Fall nesting mode? LOL

(It's actually sunny and warm outside right now but that's beside the point - somewhere someone is cold right now and would like some soup!)

Click on the soup name to be directed to the recipe

Early Autumn Minestrone
Very fitting name ;) There are a lot of healthy veggies in there too

English Onion Soup with Sage and Cheddar
I've had french onion but never english - does anyone know what the difference would be?

Bread and Tomato Soup (Pappa al Pomodoro)
This looks wonderful! I eat tomatos whole and could even eat them straight out of the can - this soup is right up my alley!

Feel Good Chicken Broth
Chicken soup for the soul - this certainly doesn't look like any ol' Campbell's soup :)

Scrumptious Spanish Chickpea and Chorizo Soup
Mmmm! This definitely does look scrumptious! This will probably be the first soup recipe I try out of all of these.

Southern Indian Rice and Seafood Soup
I really enjoy nice hot Indian dishes. I would probably switch out the seafood for chicken but I'm looking forward to trying this one as well.

There's definitely going to be a lot of soup-eating in our house this season!

Enjoy :)


All images courtesy of the Jamie Oliver website.

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