Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Unique Tables for the Creative Soul


Hello friends!

My apologies for not having posted here in a while. I had the unfortunate experience of getting a virus on my computer... and I lost all the images I had saved for future posts :(

Well I'm back now but have had to start all over! What a shame...

I'm on the market for a new coffee table so I've been paying special attention to tables in decor photos. I want something unique and unlike the standard ol' 4-legged wooden table that we have now.

I like the idea of using a couple of side tables/stools instead of one large coffee table.

This table is darling... it would fit right in in my imaginary girly girl house :)

This one takes the idea of an ottoman as a table up a few notches! Love it!

These are my favourite and would go perfect in our eclectic livingroom we currently have. They look like old drums possibly?

Everyone knows I just love books... so having a book end-table (book-end table!) would be a dream! The translucent coffee table is also a great idea when wanting to open up a small space. Do you think I could find some large see-through books that would work and hit 2 birds with one stone? LOL

All I can say about this is - gorgeous and creative! Wouldn't you love a bathroom like this?

I like the rusticness of this table. It looks like it could have been repurposed out of something else.

Something like this would also be great for a smaller space as it can create more seating when needed.

Friends also know I love anything Moroccan - great look!

If you happen to find any great unique coffee table ideas please send them my way!
What kind of coffee table do you have at home?


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