Thursday, February 11, 2010

A little piece of NYC real estate heaven

Okay, I am in love with this NYC apartment! Isn't it just darling? It is featured in Lonny Mag's February Issue. It is just my style - perfectly eclectic :) Everything is creatively coordinated to give a welcoming feel. The colours, textures and patterns are just right and the composition of the whole apartment is very pleasing to the eye. The little kitchen is adorable and I LOVE what they've done with the bathroom, not to mention the livingroom/dining room...
See for yourself...

Note to self: find mini spiral stairs to lead me up to the top of my book mountain :)

The lucite chairs are really pretty in this space. They also help to give the illusion of more room at the same time as complimenting the victorian-esque sofa with a touch of modernity. And the zebra ottomons are great of course. Most things zebra patterned are a great touch as far as I'm concerned... except for maybe zebra print lycra mini dresses circa 1980's ;)

The paper on these walls is stunning! And it looks even better with the vase of matching flowers :) This isn't something that would necessarily catch my eye on the roll but it's really beautiful on the walls. I love bold, daring colours and patterns in small rooms!

What do you think of this space?

What is your favourite feature of this apartment?


via Lonny

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  1. Love the whole fireplace setting and the galley kitchen :)



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