Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Blues Beater: Pets in Costume

I just love animals dressed up in costumes! (I'm easily amused when it comes to anything with fur). I'm reminded of when I was little and would dress my cat Teddy up in doll clothes and cute little bonnets - my memories of those days are much more fonder than his! (and yes, he's still alive - 23 years old this year!)

The Big Dog:
"What have I done to deserve this? What is happening? Have I done something bad again? Oh my, I'm so ashamed..."

The Cat:
"What kind of new fresh hell is THIS ?!"

The Little Dog:
"As a dog of petite stature I have resigned myself to this fate. Master dresses me up to look ridiculous on a regular basis anyway - what's one more humiliation? *Sigh"

Those who are impressed with themselves no matter what: a.k.a. The Lab, Golden Retriever, puppy, and one odd-ball cat

Pets who have no idea what's happening and therefore are easy targets:

Images via People and Cute Overload.

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