Thursday, November 5, 2009

Daydream: Moroccan Room

We have an attic loft space for which I had grand ideas about turning it into a Moroccan retreat for myself. It was going to be a room full of rich colours, draped fabrics, and plush pillows and seating... Unfortunately those plans have since been ixnayed after realizing the cost of the imported fabrics, cushions, and furniture were way out of my current budget!

To this day it still remains to be our storage space/dull guestroom with an ugly futon... And to this day my boyfriend still insists on mockingly calling it my "Moroccan room"...

One day the future will bring me a larger budget to work with. But until then, I dream of Morocco....

Some of the images via Chintz of Darkness, Style Saloniste.

1 comment:

  1. You can do it! Even though you posted this nearly 3 years ago, you can do it! I have this little alcove/guest bed area in my gigantic room that I am currently converting to a Moroccan Hookah room. I've the best fun making little paintings and decorations for it. Look for fabric at garage sales as well as pillow. You wouldn't believe what people are willing to basically give away. :) Happy hunting!


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