Tuesday, October 6, 2009

T - 3: Turkey Weekend Countdown!

It's 3 days away from Thanksgiving weekend! More if you're American, but it doesn't hurt to start planning now!

Better Homes and Gardens has a plethora of Thanksgiving tips, how-tos, and ideas on how to put on your best holiday dinner yet. Pages, and pages, and pages... Holy TURKEY there's a lot to see here... and here!

So how are you going to decorate for Thanksgiving?

The first place to start could be your front door. Add a beautiful wreath to make for a festive invitation to enter...

You can get the kids to help with this one.

This one is my favourite! :)

I also really like these rectangular shaped wreaths shown above and below. They are pretty straightforward to make as well.


*Styrofoam wreath form (or a wire form)
*Sheet moss
*U-shaped florist's pins
*Florist's wire
*Hot-glue gun
*Preserved fall leaves
*Fall ornament (optional)

Create a wreath hanger at the top of the wreath using sturdy wire wrapped around the form and bent into a hanging loop.

Cover a Styrofoam wreath form with sheet moss using U-shaped pins to attach the moss. (On a wire form, wrap thin florist's wire all the way around the wreath to secure the moss.)

Next, use U-shaped pins or dabs of hot glue to attach preserved or artificial leaves all around the wreath.

If desired, hang a pumpkin ornament in the center

What are some of your Fall decorating ideas for the exterior of your home besides hanging wreaths?
Which wreath is your favourite?
All images via Better Homes and Gardens.


  1. The apple and pear ones are gorgeous!


  2. ....actually I meant the gourds, not pears LOL


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