Tuesday, October 6, 2009

T - 3: Turkey Weekend Countdown! part deux

Okay, now that we have some ideas about how to decorate the exterior of our homes for Thanksgiving from the previous post
here, how are you going to decorate the interior?

Again, Better Homes and Gardens is a fabulous resource. It literally has hundreds of Fall decor ideas and tips.

Here are some of my favourites (some will also look fabulous on your front porch as well)...


Hollow out a large gourd and paint it gold to make a gilded gourd vase.

This is my absolute favourite! I just adore the yellow sunflowers and daisies paired with the pumpkins! It makes me think of childhood, storybooks, and hay rides :)

Your Thanksgiving decor doesn't have to be complicated. Simple bouquets of autumn-coloured roses are quite stunning.

More simple seasonal bouquets.

I love the look of this tower display with Fall foliage, flowers and fruit! To get a similar look follow these easy instructions:

* Start with a bamboo vase filled with gravel or other weight for balance.

*Insert mums with short stems into a ring of dampened florist's foam and rest the ring over sugar maple leaves in the top of the vase.

*Fit a pumpkin in the center of the foam ring, top with another ring of mums, and crown with a smaller pumpkin.

*Use a long pick to secure the pumpkins together.

Baskets filled with nuts, autumn-coloured fruits, squash, and foliage are both easy to make and easy on the eyes! Throw in a cloth napkin, a bow, or glue some acorns and pinecones on and you have a fabulous Thanksgiving decoration just like the baskets above and below :)

For a more involved DIY Fall basket project, you could try something like this.

What You Need

*12-inch square basket

*11-inch round basket
*9-inch round basket
*Floral foam for artificial arrangements
*Glue gun and hotmelt adhesive
*10 to 12 juice oranges, whole
*Pinecones in assorted sizes from 1 to 6 inches *Wooden floral picks
*Assorted greenery
*Seeded eucalyptus
*Small pillar candle and holder

How to Make It

1. Choose three baskets that will stack with the largest on the bottom to the smallest on top.

2. Cut blocks of floral foam to fill each basket.

3. For the center of the largest basket, cut a circular piece of foam the size of the medium-size basket bottom and an inch higher than the largest basket's sides.

4. Place the foam in the large basket then glue it to the bottom of the medium-size basket. This will raise the medium size basket higher than the outside edge of the largest basket. Repeat for the small basket.

5. Stud the oranges with cloves in a variety of patterns.

6. Insert floral picks into the studded oranges and kumquats.

7. Wire floral picks to the pinecones.

8. Fill the baskets with oranges, kumquats, pinecones, greenery, and seeded eucalyptus.

9. Nestle a small pillar candle in the top basket.

These are very cool veggie candle holders. To see a tutorial on how to make them click

Stay tuned for more Turkey Weekend Countdown posts... tomorrow we'll be taking a look at some really fabulous Thanksgiving table setting ideas, more creative uses for pumpkins for All-Things-Creative Wednesdays, and much more!


Images via Better Homes and Gardens.

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