Thursday, September 3, 2009


Tasty Thursday Feature


Forget about trying to figure out what you want for dinner, then scrounging the net for recipes, and then rushing to the grocery store to pick up the missing ingredients...

Instead visit Supercook, open your fridge, then type in the food ingredients you already have and VOILA! Recipes at your fingertips!

Perfect for the working woman, the busy mom, or the bachelor.

Don't get me wrong; Grandma's old recipes scratched out on yellowing cards are still lovely for when we have the time to decipher short hand and figure out what "pinches" and "dashes" are. But for those average busy weeknights something like Supercook really comes in handy.

For example:

I typed in "spinach" and "chicken" (food items I have in the fridge). My favourite result was a recipe listed from Recipezaar "Chicken breasts stuffed with feta and spinach." Mmmm! It even clearly lists what ingredients you will still need such as: olive oil, feta, and lemon and luckily I also already have those kicking around too!

Other options listed for meals I could have made with chicken and spinach (and other ingredients in my cupboards) were chicken and spinach penne, mushroom and spinach chicken casserole, and chicken spinach soup.

Enjoy :)

Photo courtesy of Mary Lake-Thompson

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