Monday, September 28, 2009

Plan Your Weekly Wardrobe

Monday Blues Beater

It's Monday...
Are you wondering what you have to look forward to besides sitting in your cubicle for the next 5 days?

Well, how about dropping by What I Wore Today and getting hints on how to plan and spice up your wardrobe for this week!

What I Wore Today is a fun, fashion-inspiring photoblog chronicling what Kasmira wears to work during the week and out for a good time on the weekends. She has such a great sense of style and she literally seems to never wear the same thing twice.
Her secret: The ability to mix and match to appear to never wear the same OUTFIT twice!

Kasmira also has really great tips on how you too can look fabulous such as: how to Add More Colour to Your Wardrobe, how to Layer for Fashion, how to Mix Black and Brown, how to Wear Yellow Shoes, and much, much more!
Also, don't miss her Theme Week posts, or her Shoe Collection, Most Worn Items, and her Closet posts! I could go on and on but you should just check it out for yourself here :)

You truly could spend hours on her blog (and I have!) perusing her posts full of inspirational outfit ideas and borrowing them for your own wardrobe.

As I love brooches and have recently started collecting them, here are some of Kasmira's tips on how to creatively wear them.

Use a brooch to cinch a jacket for a more fitted look.

Use a brooch to secure a wrap shirt that to ensure only the right amount of cleavage is showing. (Much cuter than the safety pin I usually use!)

Add a brooch to a scarf to secure the "draped look" and to add a little more pizzaz

Use a brooch to close a jacket or sweater. (I just LOVE her brocade jacket in the first pic!)

Use a brooch as an extra embellishment on a vest.

Clasp a belt with a brooch.

Spice up a denim jacket (or any jacket/shirt) with brooch

Add a brooch to the neck of a turtleneck sweater.

A couple of other ideas I like that are not shown by What I Wore Today are to add brooches to shoes and bags as seen below.

via Monsoon

I hope you will be inspired by What I Wore Today as much as I have been!

What is your favourite outfit of Kasmira's? Do you have any fashion tips about how to make us all look even more fabulous this Fall?


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  1. Thank you for featuring me! This week, I'm participating in the Wardrobe Capsule Challenge, again. There will be no brooches involved, but it should still be fun!


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