Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chalk it up!

All-Things-Creative Wednesday

I'm really seeing a lot about chalkboard paint lately. Using it can be a very fun and creative way to decorate a room or - for you label gun fanatics - to label everything in sight! :)

I'm actually going to use chalkboard paint to cover one of the walls in our attic loft/office/soon-to-be den space!

To find out how to use chalkboard paint click here. To find out how to make your own chalkboard paint click here or here.

Here are some fun ideas for using chalkboard paint...

You could make a wall calendar for your office or even for in a kitchen. It sure beats those unattractive dry erase calendars with the messy markers!

Having chalkboard paint in a dorm room would be so much fun! Friends could stop by and leave personal messages - and the great thing is that they can be erased before the parents come for visit ;)

via Better Homes & Gardens

It would also be cute and very functional used on cupboards or pantry doors. You could write what's kept behind the cupboards (for you labellers) or keep a grocery list or weekly menu. I think it would be a fun way to spice up a laundry room as well.

via Martha Stewart

For all you moms out there, you know how much kids love to write on walls - well this way they can do it with permission and without destruction! You could paint entire walls of kids' bedrooms or playrooms with chalkboard paint and just let them go crazy in there with chalk!

Painting a partial wall in the kitchen could be useful when helping the kids with homework or writing instructions for babysitters...

via Martha Stewart

I have a useless space on the wall between my stove and fan light that is covered in a tin-like material (I guess for splashes). I so badly want to hang a picture there but I can't. I think I may try this and I can write out recipes instead!

via alkemie

Super fun way to add some colour and life to a mud room!

via alkemie

Here are some really creative ways to use chalkboard paint on objects around the house. It comes in all different colours so you're not just stuck with the typical black or dark green and there are lots of ways to use it besides just on the walls.

Label gun fanatics - pay attention!

Chalkboard place mats! You can write a personalized message to each guest or use them like you would place cards.

via Real Simple

Use it to label kitchen jars - spices, pastas, loose tea leaves, etc

via pichaus

These are darling chalk tags I found over at Olive Rue - perfect for containers, baskets and gift tags. You can pick up a pack of these from her Etsy shop here.

I used to rent an apartment with an HORRENDOUS old fridge - I really wish I knew about this then! I just did my best trying to cover it with vintage post cards. For those of you who rent or a new fridge isn't in the budget, this is a really funky idea.

via New nique News

If I had an herb garden this is definitely something I would need to do to keep them straight. Very cute idea!

via Ashley Ann Photography

Love this! Creative way to jazz up some old vases.

These napkin holders could be used as place settings as well.

via ameico

What is your experience with chalkboard paint? What household objects are you just itching to chalk up and label??


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  1. Hi Kristy,

    Thanks for stopping by today. That was sweet of you to feature my chalkboard tags. And it was also fun to see all the different ways people are using chalkboard paint. Great post.



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