Sunday, April 22, 2012

Personal Challenge Countdown: Day 8

3 Films

1. Dirty Dancing

2. A Few Good Men

3. Fight Club

And... 80's teen cult films, crime dramas/gritty cop films, courtroom dramas, movies with fast cars (Fast and the Furious, Gone in 60 Seconds, etc), films with unreliable narrators and twists, dark comedies, and on and on and on

Picking 3 films was almost as hard as picking 4 books! 

But truly, Dirty Dancing is my fav... "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" ... "I carried a watermelon?!"  Chapters has a Dirty Dancing coffee table book complete with photographs and the FULL script *SIGH  I enthusiastically suggested to my boyfriend that we buy it and act out the scenes between Baby and Johnny... sadly he wasn't as excited about the idea :(

Source: via Kristy on Pinterest

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