Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weekend in the Country at Aunt Viv's

Let's take a little trip, shall we? Let's visit Aunt Viv out in the country.  Everyone has an Aunt Viv... or atleast has  dreamed of having one...

She lives in a house that looks something like this...

Or maybe it looks a little like this...

Possibly even this...

Ready? Follow me... stay close now, or else you may get lost.

Oh don't mind him.  That's just Claudius, Aunt Viv's security guard.  He won't bother us because Auntie has alerted him to our visit.

Now this way... We're almost there.

We made it! Come on in...

Oh, there's Aunt Viv! So lovely to see her again!  Isn't she glamourous?! What? You fear you've underdressed? Don't worry, Auntie just likes to look nice for her guests.

Follow Aunt Viv.  She's going to show us to our room.  It's one with a view!

Here we are.  Don't you just love the fresh, clean scents of the country?

Such a beautiful view from our bedroom windows!

Let's unpack later.  Right now we'll put on our wellies and help Aunt Viv out with feeding the wee animals while she fixes us lunch.

That's Sebastian! Sebby just loves Aunt Viv's homemade biscuits.  I hope she saves a few for us!

We'll start with the goats.  You'll be thankful for the wellies now!

Oh, oh! Billy got loose... silly little goat!

Thankfully we had Larry and Lucy to herd him back...  but where's Gatsby??

Oh Gatsby... what kind of country dog gets finnicky about a little mud on his paws!?

Next we'll see the sheep then feed the ponies...

Aww look... Mr Pony has made a buddy.

We'll head back to the house for a little nibble now.  Looks like Auntie Viv has the table already set!

We'll go in through the back and see if Aunt Viv needs any help in the kitchen.

She's not here.  "Aunt Vivi, where are you? We picked some lemons to make fresh lemonade with for our lunch!"

There you are! Oh, Aunt Viv... did you do all this just for us?? You shouldn't have!

Well, forget the lemonade... we'll have a champagne lunch!! Just give us one minute to switch out of these ol' country clothes and into something a little more suitable.

We're ready!!!

And that's a day in the country with Aunt Viv :)

Y'all come back and visit again now :)

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