Thursday, March 4, 2010

Home Invasion!

Over the past few weeks, while in bed at night we've been hearing scratching, scraping, squeaking, and squeeling coming from the walls and the ceilings...

From what? We were not entirely sure... Lions, Tigers, and Bears! Oh My!

And just this past week we've been coming home to disarray amongst our things - someone or something is invading our home when we're not looking and messing everything up!

So yesterday we set up cameras to catch images of what could possibly be going on.

And this is what we saw....

The Truth: We've known for a little while there are squirrels and raccoons living in our walls. A few days ago we came home to find our loft room in shambles.. .they had found a way IN! Yesterday, to ensure that it was indeed critters and not just Joe, our resident ghost, I set out cheese slices and crackers. When I came home they were gone. Conclusion: We indeed do have furball invaders... because ghosts do not eat cheese...


Photos by Karen Knorr


  1. And you just might keep serving them cheese and crackers? LOL


  2. love this post. I like all the images you put up here.


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