Friday, September 11, 2009

Everything Vintage: The Vintage Moth

Vintage Fridays!

Friday is probably my favourite weekday (and not just for the obvious don't-have-to-work-tomorrow reason), but because it's Vintage Fridays! I get to scour the net and the the blogosphere to find incredible vintage photos, jewelry, and other vintage-esque items.

Look at these beautiful vintage paper doll cut-outs.
Aren't they a treat?!

I just love the simplistic glamour of the 1920's (although, I'm
not quite sure what era the below outfit comes out of)

Going forward I will be featuring a blog related to each themed day of the week. This Vintage Friday's blog feature is The Vintage Moth. On her blog Abbie posts FREE antique/vintage clip art that other bloggers and mixed media/collage artists can use in their pieces. (The copyright on each image has expired)

Here are some of my favourites from Abbie's blog...

Vintage ads and posters can add great character to a room when
framed and hung as artwork.

I'm always so intrigued by old photographs. They have such a nastalgic
and sometimes eerie aura about them. I like to think about what
they're lives would've been like during such a different era. I imagine
secret diaries hidden in loose floorboards that contain long lost secrets
and scandals...
It's actually surprising one of the girls in the first photo is smiling - it's not really
something you would see often in pictures of that time period. She must
have been the rascal in the family :)

These images are obviously from old fairytale books. So full of
whimsy and beauty. Would also look great framed.
Be sure to drop by and visit this charming blog devoted to vintage art here.

Happy Vintage Friday!


All images via The Vintage Moth

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